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Royal Yacht Club Marina can hold 190 vessels from 6 to 40 meters. The depth of marina is 2 to 8 meters, which allows Royal Yacht Club to arrange mooring places for vessels with hign tonnage.

Mooring facilities are placed in a way that allows even unexperienced captains to easily navigate within the marina.

Own lifting crane can lower and lift vessels with up to 100 tons displacement.

The territory and the mooring facilities are carefully secured, security cameras and access control work 24 hours. The passage to the berth has an electronic access system organised only for owners of the vessels who use the Royal Yacht Club service.

Modern berths are supplied with electricity and cold water. Coastal sailors service of Royal Yacht Club works 24 hours 7 days a week to moor the yachts.

Guests of Royal Yacht Club have Wi-Fi access on the territory of the club.

Royal Yacht Club uses innovative online booking system that allows to choose mooring places for boats and yachts. The system also allows clients to get actual prices for Royal Yacht Club service, book mooring places, pay for Royal Yacht Club services with credit cards, track the status of invoices and payments, have a direct connection with administration and always keep up with the latest news of Royal Yacht Club.

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